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Monday, 19 December 2011

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Link Building Tips For Blog Commenting To Increase Traffic

Link Building Tips For Blog Commenting To Increase Traffic Each day a large number of blogs are created with the aim to garner high traffic.The competition is stiff than ever as with increase in number of bloggers the competition is also increasing.Search engines have become more intelligent as they no longer depend upon keywords and meta description to rank webpages.SEO has evolved with passing time and it is now more wider and vast.If you are beginner and looking to earn a living with blogging then it won’t be possible unless you have done a good optimization of your blog.
Seo involves repetitive tasks and high degree of research.The results are not visible within days sometimes it takes weeks or eve months to reap what you sowed in SEO feild.If you don’t feel like learning Seo then your best bet is to outsource your work.You will literally find thousands of SEO professionals on freelancing websites promising first page google rankings.

Here are some link building techniques that will enhance quality of your link building campaign and you can observe a boost in rankings.

  • Try to diversify your Anchor text.Figure out few (minimum 10-15) keywords that are related to your blog and build links using these keywords
  • You can also build links using synonyms .According to my case study Google recognizes synonyms.Consider you have a domain with a synonym of your main keyword then build links using your main keyword.
  • Don’t build all links with keywords as anchor text instead also use some generic words like names etc to make it look more natural.
  • Don’t post generic comments as they are reported spam by most of the bloggers and you may get blacklisted by Akismet and other spam control plugins and once you are banned your campaign will be almost over.
  • Post comments on Pages that are relevant to your website.It help in increasing your niche authority.
  • Don’t ever post comments using automated tools for link building campaign of your main website.It will do more harm than good.
  • Try to include your keywords in your comments (if possible) and post relevant comments.
  • Don’t go for a complete Dofollow link building campaign.You campaign should have a mixture of dofollow and nofollow blogs.
  • Try to maintain your link building velocity.It will look highly suspicious to search engines if suddenly hundreds of comments are published pointing to your website.
  • If your website is new then you need to be extra cautious and you should build links slowly to stay under the radar.
Link building is no longer measured in terms of quantity instead it is more about quality.It can boost your rankings but if it is not done carefully then you may end up in Google Sandbox.
Note:-It is natural if your rankings falls during your link building campaign.This is known as Google dance and an evidence that Google is indexing your backlinks.Keep up the link building campaign with same velocity and you will bounce back harder.

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