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Saturday, 23 June 2012

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Google AdSense revenue sharing sites

If you want to earn some decent money and you have not any website or blog then don't hesitate you can publish your very own articles on Google AdSense revenue sharing sites to earn money from google adsense. And suppose you have website but not approved by google adsense then don't get tense you can get approved by Google AdSense revenue sharing sites.

List of Google AdSense revenue sharing sites

Here are some of the List of Google AdSense revenue sharing sites :

  • Passiveknowledge: Passive Knowledge is adsense revenue sharing sites that share 75% of the adsense income.
  • Hubpages: HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. HubPages is completely free
  • Xomba: Xomba is a writing community where you can post your own original content, network with other writers and get paid to write.
  • Senserely: Senserely is an Adsense Revenue Sharing Community, our members are all AdSense Publishers and write in their blogs original content so that everybody profit
  • Squidoo: The popular (free) site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations. Even earn money for charity or yourself.
  • Shoutmeloud: ShoutMeLoud offer adsense revenue sharing for Guest bloggers.
  • Expertscolumn: Expertscolumn is a community where authors get paid to write columns (articles). Authors that we usually refer to as columnists simply
  • Devilsworkshop: Devils’ Workshop is a blog about internet, technology, blogging, SEO, wordpress, social networking news, tips & tutorial.
  • Simpy: Simpy brings you the latest news from around the world, covering breaking news in business, politics, entertainment, technology, and more.
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