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Saturday, 25 February 2012

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Download Nokia Ovi Store Applications to Computer

Download Nokia Ovi Store Applications to Computer, Just like the Android marketplace and the Windows Mobile marketplace, Nokia too has an apps store for users of Nokia devices – Nokia Ovi Store. The Ovi Store has a large number of Symbian applications and a significant number of them are free. But the annoying part is that you can't download apps from the store to your computer or PC and later transfer to your cell phone. Users who do not have an active Internet connection, are hence unable to use the store. This article will show you how you can download apps from the Nokia Ovi Store using a common browser to your computer.

1.Login to your Nokia Ovi Store account. If you don't have one, then register an account.
2.Select your mobile phone from the link at the top of the page.
3.Choose the application you want to download. Right-click on the "Send to Friend" button and copy the linked address.
4.Paste the URL in your browser's address bar and replace send-to-friend at the end of the URL with download.

5.Press Enter to download and save the file.

If the downloaded file has extensions *.jar, *.sis, or *.sisx, you can transfer the file to your mobile and start using the application. Themes have the extension *.nth and are also ready to install.
If the downloaded file has extensions *.jad, *, or *, open the file using a text editor and follow the instructions below based on the extension of the file.
  • Java Application Descriptor (*.jad)

1.Locate the text 'MIDlet-Jar-URL:' and copy the URL next to it.

2.Paste this URL in your browser and you will get the JAR file.
  • Symbian Installation Files (* or *

1.Delete the first 3 lines of the file including the empty 4th line (as indicated by the yellow highlight)
2.Save the file but remove .dm from the file extension, so that it reads *.sis or *.sisx only
3.Now copy that file to your phone, and run it to install the app.

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